Anatomy of an iPad (Exterior)

Anatomy of an iPad (Exterior)

Users: University faculty and professional staff with little to no familiarity with the iPad. Users may have used other mobile devices like phones, ereaders or tablets in the past. Reading level and diagram reading skills should be ranked as high.

Solution: This vector graphic was designed to fit the resolution of the iPad and is something that I can load on to faculty iPads before attending the workshop. I used elongated rectangles both to mimic the shape of the iPad and to fit the display (as mentioned on page 255.) I used simple shapes (page 250) such as circles, lines and boxes to create the front, back, and side profile of the iPad and maintained the same grey color to indicate the body of the device.

User-Test: After having a friend view this diagram, he indicated that he would like to see the numbers lead to a further explanation of the tool.

Changes I’ll Make: Based on this feedback, I’ll add a separate column to this page or a separate page with a box that contains a short explanation of each number on this diagram.