Unit Organizer

Getting Started with Your iPad-01

Users: Workshop participants include university faculty and professional staff with little to no familiarity with an iPad. Users may have used other mobile devices like phones, e-readers or tablets in the past. Reading level and diagram reading skills should be ranked as high.

Solution: This graphic was created to help divide the workshop into two sections: “Getting Started with Your iPad” and “Using iPads in the Classroom.” Playing off the shape of app icons on the iPad, I created each module box to look like an app. Modules 1-3 are related to each other, so they are listed next to each other in the suggested order. Additionally, I changed the hue of blue in each shape to indicate progression.   I applied a drop-shadow effect to the “app icons” to add depth (p. 86) and used the alignment tools (p. 84) to make sure the icons and text were aligned.

User-Test: After having a friend review the graphic, he didn’t see the modules as apps at first. He suggested that I possibly add an icon and a gradient to each box to give it more of an “app-feel.”

Changes I’ll Make: While I agree that at first glance the icons may not look like iOS app entirely, I don’t know that adding icons would convey the simplistic feel I was going for. I will add a few more stylistic elements to the apps like a gradient and a colored background.