Universal Design Activity: Organizing Your Wardrobe

Universal Design Activity: Organizing Your Wardrobe

While looking for an example of universal design, the concept of info-graphics is one of the first things that came to mind. An info-graphic is  “a single-page vehicle for detailed information, where graphics have been used to enhance the interpretation or retention of the information within it” (B2B Marketing, 2011).

I selected this particular info-graphic because it highlights some of the key terms found in this chapter:

Interpretive Visuals- The illustration of folding socks uses arrows and a hand to help illustrate how to neatly store socks. While this concept would be difficult to illustrate with words, the use of a diagram breaks the process into steps and makes the concept easier to understand.

Representative Visuals- The author of this info-graphic has created symbols to represent different types of hangers, items of clothing, as well as an organized closet. Instead of imagining if what type of jacket or dress the author would like us to purchase, we are presented with a very clear illustration.

Organizational Visuals- The setup of this info-graphic is such that the poster helps to guide the viewer from one element to the next. It is neatly organized, mirroring the concept of having an organized closet, and each section of the info-graphic uses a shape to illustrate that it is a separate component. Perhaps the most powerful visual is that of a pyramid, which helps the viewer to see that the items at the bottom should be most frequent, while the items at the top should be less frequent. (Similar to the traditional food pyramid that many users have seen before.)

The info-graphic is from Apartment Geeks and was found via the site Loveinforgraphics.com.


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