Activity: Creating Mobile Friendly Seating Arrangements

Creating Mobile Friendly Seating Arrangements

Click to Enlarge Graphic

Users: Workshop participants include university faculty and professional staff with little to no familiarity with an iPad. Users may have used other mobile devices like phones, e-readers or tablets in the past. Reading level and diagram reading skills should be ranked as high.

Solution: This graphic was created as an example for a workshop activity in which participants will design their own “mobile friendly” classroom layouts. Some activities that participants might want to consider includes: game show activities, group activities and lab-style activities. Reflecting on the concepts of white space introduced in Chapter 11, I used the principle of symmetry (p. 275) to create a sense of organization and cohesion and white space (p. 275) to illustrate items such as desks, seating, and iPads.

User-Test: After having a friend review the graphic, he shared that overall he felt clean and well-organized. One item he thought be beneficial to clarify is what the long rectangles and small rectangles represented (tables and chairs.)

Changes I’ll Make: I’ll add a “key” to this diagram that includes labels for iPads, tables and chairs.


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