Optional Accessories for the iPad

Optional Accessories for the i

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Users: Workshop participants include university faculty and professional staff with little to no familiarity with an iPad. Users may have used other mobile devices like phones, e-readers or tablets in the past. Reading level and diagram reading skills should be ranked as high.

Solution: This graphic was created to be used in a class discussion regarding optional accessories for the iPad. Workshop participants will use this grid to help create an informational sheet about accessories they might like to use with their device. In creating the graphic, I selected colors that were of similar hues and saturation and a mix of primary and secondary colors (p. 264, p. 271). I selected white for the text and icons inside each box to maximize contrast and legibility. Eventually, a guide for third-party accessories may be created by the instructor for this course and she would use the colors portrayed here to categorize and highlight different items.

User-Test: After having a friend review the graphic, he shared that he enjoyed the simplistic design of this graphic. One piece of feedback he provided was  to consider making the text in each box a bit larger and change it to bold.

Changes I’ll Make: The idea to increase the legibility of the text will help to improve legibility and is something I’ll add in my next rendition of the graphic.

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