Finding a Great App

Finding a Great App-01

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Users: Workshop participants include university faculty and professional staff with little to no familiarity with an iPad. Users may have used other mobile devices like phones, e-readers or tablets in the past. Reading level and diagram reading skills should be ranked as high.

Solution: This graphic was created for a self-guided activity on finding the right apps for your classroom. The experience of finding the right app for an assignment can be overwhelming, especially for first time iPad users. Using the principles of “concentrated” (steps highlighted in red) and “concise” (short explanations), I created a step-by-step set of instructions (p. 102). While I tried adding screen shots or small icons to help with the “concreteness” of this graphic, they all felt too distracting and I decided to err on the side of “conciseness.”

User-Test: After having a friend review the graphic, he said that he liked the bold titles and the indentation of “example.” One suggestion he shared was to add something to show a flow or a sequence, perhaps numbers, to help indicate to reader that they should work top to bottom.

Changes I’ll Make: The suggestion to add “a flow” to this graphic was very helpful and I’m considering adding either number or curved arrows to indicated a path.


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