Personal Introduction Image

Personal Introduction image 506 Amber Hoye

For my personal introduction image, I was inspired by this chapter’s discussion of name badges. The teachers at the hiring fair mentioned that it was difficult to see the individual’s name and major without squinting. I thought about how the name tag could be improved and also wanted to include some personal information about myself. I used icons to represent my personal interests and goals, which can serve as conversation starters both in face-to-face situations and in the digital world.

The icons are from a website called the Noun Project, which has a goal to create a universal set of icons or a “global visual language that everyone can understand.” The camera represents my goal to take a least 1-2 pictures everyday, the dog represents my Boston Terrier named Greta, the couple represents my wedding on 10-11-12, and the graduation cap represents my graduation date of Spring ’13.