Final Post for EDTECH 541

Part One- Reflecting Upon the Semester

What you have learned?
Since the beginning of this semester, my knowledge of internet-based tools has been greatly enhanced. Initially, I was very familiar with tools such as Google Docs, Prezi and Flickr, but used them in a very general sense. Now, I have a wide variety of content-themed uses and now know about tools like Glogster, The Art’s Toolkit and BrainPop! Perhaps the biggest change for me is instead of starting with a tool and designing a lesson around it (like I’ve done in the past), I see a huge benefit to starting with a concept, building a lesson, then finding the tools to support it!

How theory guided development of the projects and assignments you created?
Focusing on the constructivist concept of allowing students to create and share their own knowledge, I focused on finding resources with reliable information and creative tools that students could use to present their work.

How the course work demonstrates mastery of the AECT standards? 

This course focused on three of the key AECT standards: Design, Development and Utilization. Each of the assignments that I created in this course improved my ability to create instructional strategies, craft effective message design, development my knowledge of web-based technology, and implement new technology into my workplace.

How you have grown professionally?

Towards the middle of the semester, I started a position as an instructional design specialist at a university, and I have already begun to integrate the things that I’ve learned in this course. Many of my work assignments have focused on integrating mobile devices and this course has prepared me to create interesting technology-supported lessons. Additionally, because the number of tools I am familiar with has increased,  I feel more comfortable giving recommendations to educators and developing lessons on the fly.

How your own teaching practice or thoughts about teaching have been impacted by what you have learned or accomplished in this course?  What will you do differently as an educator as a result of this course?

I was so impressed with the number of quality educational tools out there for students and that even “consumer” focused tools like Flickr and Twitter can be used to create amazing experiences in the classroom. As an educator, I have begun to ask “how else can this be used” when discovering new sites and tools and will continue to do so in the future.

Part Two- Blog Entry Ratings

Content: Outstanding

I worked hard to make sure that each of my blog post discussed the question at hand and contained a reflection on how I might use the topic or technology in my courses.

Readings and Resources: Proficient

I did a great job incorporating third-party resources into my blog entries, but could have added more content from our textbook to some entries.

Timeliness: Outstanding

The majority of my blog posts were posted with plenty of time for my peers to respond to my posts.

Responses to Other Students: Outstanding

Responding to my peer’s posts was one of the most enjoyable pieces of the course and something that I worked hard each week to make sure I accomplished. I tried to provide insightful and encouraging feedback whenever possible, and to relate my own blog entry to those of others.


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