EDTECH 522: Final Reflection

I can’t believe this semester is over! Summer classes certainly fly by fast and this year was no exception. So far EDTECH 522: Online Course Design has been my favorite course in the EDTECH program because of the number of true-to-life assignments we were able to complete. I learned so much composing a step by step tutorial on Online Magazines and even more when I had to present it! At first, I was nervous to record myself presenting through a web cam, but once I realized that I could go back and “tidy up” and mistakes, it made a world of a difference! It was also exciting to receive the positive feedback that I did from my peers, several even mentioned wanting to using the online magazine lesson in their classrooms!

I’m looking forward to incorporating this knowledge of web presentation and screen-casting into self-paced training materials at my workplace. After completing the EDTECH program, I hope to focus on instructional design. Additionally, I’m interested in producing online classes on instructional and graphic design for my personal blog!

Lastly, it was an excellent experience to setup and design my own online course: http://edtechdev.mrooms2.net/course/view.php?id=318

I have looked at Blackboard’s internal systems before, but this was my first exposure to Moodle’s and this knowledge will prove invaluable when designing online courses in the future. Since Moodle is an open source platform, I’d be interested in seeing how it could be used in the workplace.