Professional Learning Network Plan

For this assignment, I reflected upon my PLN (Professional Learning Network Plan). My current PLN includes social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, as well as academic  sites like Zotero Library. I’ve included elements of my current PLN in bright green and areas that I will adding in the future in blue.

Looking at my current PLN, my biggest area of opportunity would be finding message boards, video hosting sites and blogs that are related to Educational Technology. During summer break, I will be searching for these sites and adding more of them to my PLN. One other area I’d like to look at adding to my plan would be finding more Twitter users from the BSU Edtech Program.


One thought on “Professional Learning Network Plan

  1. I enjoyed reading this post Amber,. I must confess that I have not used Twitter much as a resource yet. Good luck as you explore that and other resources to expand your PLN.

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