Professional Learning Network Plan

For this assignment, I reflected upon my PLN (Professional Learning Network Plan). My current PLN includes social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, as well as academic  sites like Zotero Library. I’ve included elements of my current PLN in bright green and areas that I will adding in the future in blue.

Looking at my current PLN, my biggest area of opportunity would be finding message boards, video hosting sites and blogs that are related to Educational Technology. During summer break, I will be searching for these sites and adding more of them to my PLN. One other area I’d like to look at adding to my plan would be finding more Twitter users from the BSU Edtech Program.


Edtech 501 Bumper Sticker

To conclude Edtech 501, I created a bumper sticker that represented the class. This introduction class encouraged us to explore brand new technologies that made material exciting and fun. “Bringing Learning Material to Life” represents the innovative tools I’ve discovered this semester.

Tech Use Plan Presentation

For our last major assignment in EDTECH 501, we were asked to create a technology use plan presentation. To create the initial presentation, I utilized Keynote to add slides and slide notes. After I completed the presentation, I used the “share” option of the program to record my slideshow with narration. What a fantastic way to create a presentation! I enjoyed that I could narrate through the builds and transitions of the presentation at my own pace and was able to print out my slide notes for use in presenting. Once I completed the narration, I used the “share” option once more to export my presentation to a QuickTime file. With the QuickTime file, I was able to upload the video to YouTube so that I could embed the presentation on my Learning Log. The final product is available for viewing below: