RSS Feeds in the Classroom

Here’s the link to my Google Reader Shared Items Page.

I’ve been using RSS subscriptions for years to keep up with my favorite sites, so it was exciting to think about incorporating this into the classroom. Using a program like Google Reader allows teachers to access their subscription from any computer or mobile device, so it’s like having a newspaper delivered where ever you are!
Another advantage is the ability to categorize certain sites or specific feeds into folders. For example, I could have one master folder titled English, but then could use sub-folders for reviews of books, grammar exercises and vocabulary builders.
Students may use RSS subscriptions to keep up with colleges during the application process, to view new sports or activities announcements for their school, find out about volunteer opportunities, or simply subscribe to sites like APA or’s “Word of the Day.”
Another thing I’d like to share is a great iPhone app I use for reading my RSS feeds on the go. It’s called Pulse and I find it to be a beautiful way to view and read my feeds. (One great advantage is you can import your Google Reader feed!) Here’s a link to check it out!

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